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Case Studies - Consumer Products

Electronics and mechanical packages for a rapidly evolving marketplace

Waterproof Case for Amazon Kindle

The team developed a rugged, waterproof, case for the Amazon Kindle. This case allowed users to read books in wet environments such as bathtubs, hot tubs, or pools. The design featured optimization for low-cost offshore injection molding including numerous overmolded sections. It was developed in a short timeframe as needed to meet sales goals for the Christmas season.

Occupancy Sensor

The team developed an advanced occupancy sensor which can detect human presence in an office environment. An IoT device, this sensor is highly accurate which not only indicates presence, but also quantity of personnel in a room. Uniquely, this product identifies personnel without using any cameras, ensuring privacy while reducing processing power.

Sample Collection Device

The Bluefin team developed a device that is used for collection and transport of airborne particles including viruses such as COVID-19. The device design is straightforward, combining a disposable sample dish with a benchtop enclosure that can be placed in public spaces to collect samples.

Athletic Timer

A local startup approached the team with a mission of helping young athletes improve their agility with a versatile and fun training system.  We're proud to have helped them realize the mission. The complete system consists of a custom, impact-activated digital LED Timer, modular obstacle course, and storage tote.

Virtual Reality Headset

This goggle was created to provide consumers and developers with a high-definition, ultra-wide field-of-view augmented reality solution. Bluefin worked with our client to develop an adjustable and lightweight solution that met the needs of the evolving VR/AR community. The design incorporated large, high-quality optics, high-resolution displays, and dense electronics.

Smart Home Integration

This Smart Home (connected, embedded) IoT water heater controller links to a residential WiFi network to reduce water heating energy by optimizing timing. It allows remote operation and cloud control based on energy costs at time of use. The team of engineers developed rugged embedded electronics, and the injection molded plastic enclosure, to meet aggressive cost targets demanded by the consumer market.

Advanced Heating Technology

A startup in the DC area required design of a novel heating element that would cook food with increased efficiency in convective and radiated modes. Microwave energy was also combined, and Bluefin delivered multiple experimental platforms that enhanced this technology.

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