Case Studies - Handhelds

Embedded device development for portable, high-density applications

Biometric Access Control

The team developed a handheld device for use in at identity verification points such as airports, borders, and ports. The device included optical fingerprint sensing, retina scan, face capture, ePassport RFID capture and smart card reader. User interface is via touchscreen and the device is ruggedized against drop and moisture. Wireless technologies include WiFi and Bluetooth.

Advanced Gesture Recognition

The team developed a handheld device which successfully demonstrated navigation of complex geometries via advanced gesture input, including multiple MEMS sensors. The system included an electroplated enclosure for EMI mitigation along with excellent tactile response. The algorithms developed were subsequently licensed to brand-name handheld manufacturers.

Biometric Key Fob

The team of engineers developed a handheld "fob" that performs a 1:1 match between a registered owner and the biometric template encrypted within the device. The fob includes electronics hardened to FIPS 140.2 and offers standalone communication over Bluetooth as well as high- and low-frequency RFID.

Handheld Medical Device

Bluefin developed a handheld device to deliver high voltage output, controlled by a consumer cell phone. The design featured very high density packaging as well as user experience appropriate for a first-response scenario.

Aircraft Handset Cradle

The team developed a polymer cradle for an aviation communication handset. The Polycom Kirk device is used onboard private jets and other general aviation applications. In addition to polymer cradle, the team designed PCBs, power supplies and rear cover.

Force-Feedback Endoscope

Our team of engineers developed a line of force-feedback endoscopes and related tools for: Upper GI (ERCP),Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Ureteroscopy, and Vein Harvesting. Scopes include active and passive haptics, providing realistic look and feel equivalent to Olympus, Terumo, Johnson & Johnson, and Karl Storz flexible and rigid endoscopes. Scopes include custom position sensing techniques including ultraminiature optical encoders.

Handheld Ultrasound

The team developed a packaged handheld device around our client's novel miniature ultrasound detector. The device is particularly useful for placing needles and catheters when the vein is difficult to find or there are delicate surrounding structures.

Flexible Biometric Identification

The team of engineers developed a handheld identification device that performs matches and provides identity verification in lieu or, or in combination with, a traditional license or permit. Device includes electronics hardened to FIPS 140.2 and offers standalone communication over Bluetooth as well as high- and low-frequency RFID.

Head-Mounted Display

This head-mounted display (HMD) was created to support Neurologists who treat patients with head trauma. Bluefin worked with the system developer to design the packaging of the HMD embedded with sophisticated optics, OLED displays, and IR eye-tracking electronics so doctors can diagnose, evaluate, and treat people with concussions.

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