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Thank you for your interest in Bluefin Innovations. We are a powerful resource for organizations that need innovative product development and engineering solutions. Whether developing a breakthrough technology or to filling gaps in your product development resources, let’s discuss your goals.

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Who Are We?

Dependable – If you ask our clients, you'll learn that Bluefin has delivered consistently and effectively; that we
can handle whatever is thrown our way. For this reason we are proud to support many repeat clients.

Technical Depth – Typical Industrial Design firms specialize in developing the cosmetic look and feel of products. Bluefin’s team is outstanding at understanding design from the most complex internal systems to the user-facing enclosure. We develop products that perform well and look good while providing an optimum user experience.

Humility – We're a down-to-earth team and we're easy to work with. From proposal to contract and delivery, we try to make the client experience easy and enjoyable..