Our Process

How We Invent

We Listen. We Learn. We Design, Build, and Test.

We work with you and your team

We aspire to humility, open-mindedness and communication. Our team has designed over 400 projects in collaboration with clients and stakeholders. From product inception, "napkin sketch" to turnkey prototypes, our goal is to implement and fulfill your vision.

Our Process

  • Active Listening - We focus on understanding the context of the project and how the device will be used.
  • Ideation and Coalescence - We use any and all tools for your idea. We work with you to combine solutions from past projects.
  • Sketching & CAD/Design - We communicate visually and provide multiple options. All stakeholders see a 'menu'.
  • Build and Demo - We elicit feedback and critique within the team. All comments are met with welcome arms. This is repeated as many times as necessary.
  • Design Package - We define the product recipe in explicit and repeatable detail. How would you build it? How will we build it?

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