RF Systems

Case Studies - RF Systems

Radio frequency engineering including mobile radios and novel antennas

Radio Interoperability Package

Bluefin developed a system to modularize and merge multiple digital and analog radios onto a single chassis, providing MIMO antenna switching plus central battery power. The system is fully portable and operates from a backpack.

Direction-Finding Antennas

Field portable antenna array for advanced direction-finding. Rapid development using laser-sintered nylon material for RF transparency. 100% composite construction, using fiberglass tubes and channels. Mix of bonded and bolted construction, utilizing fiberglass fasteners.

Rugged Antenna Designs

A DC-area client approached Bluefin to improve an existing antenna design for reliability and manufacturability. Bluefin engineers developed an innovative technique for forming antenna arrays with cylindrical laminates. System components such as radomes, structural subframes, and mounting/cable management systems were challenging to maintain RF transparency. Bluefin now manufactures the antennas with reduced costs, lead-time, and improved performance.

Microminiature Tracking Device

One of the more unique and challenging projects we’ve had the pleasure of completing, the engineering team developed a first-of-its-kind system for tracking wild game. The system was required to direction-find and track an animal at distances of more than a mile with a miniature transmitter deployed and embedded within the body cavity of an animal. A user’s smartphone could track and determine health status of animal via Bluetooth to a handheld receiver.

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